LUM-M: marble and onyx candle holder


LUM - M is made of onyx from Persia and white marble from carrarain Italy. Its magical assembly is revealed once you light a candle, the flame will reveal its fine structural secrets.

Sold without candle.

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LUM-M is an assembly of materials extracted from the core of the globe; white Carrara marble and Persian onyx meet for a unique experience.

Its contemporary design plays with iconography from mediterranean classicism which enables it to fit in any style of interior.

Its brutal and stark appearence contrast with its surprising tactile feedback: soft and silky.

Once you have it in your hands you'll imagine easily the means which are required to produce it.

Light a candle and let the materials whisper their memory to you.

In company of LUM 3 and LUM-A it enables strong compostions.

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Poids1,3 Kg
Dimension16x8x8 cm


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